What is ONS?

The National Power Grid Operator (ONS) is the organ responsible for operation coordinating and controlling of generation facilities and transmission of electrical energy, in the National Interconnected System (SIN) and the operation management of the isolated systems of the country, under the supervison and regulation of the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL). It is the “Power Grid operator”.

What is the SIN – National Interconnected System?

The National Interconnected System (SIN) is a system of coordination and control comprised by companies from the South, Southeast, Midwest, Northeast and part of the North region, congregating the system of production and transmission of electrical energy in Brazil. SIN is a large hidro-termic-eolic-solar complex, with a predominance of hydroelectric power plants and multiple proprietaries, state owned and private.

What is a Regulated Contracting Environment?

Market segment in which operations of purchase and sale between selling agents and distributing agents are accomplished, preceded by energy auctions promoted by CCEE, under delegation of ANEEL.

What is a Free Contracting Environment?

Market segment in which electrical energy buying and selling operations are accomplished, with free negotiation between buyers and sellers, through bilateral contracts (PPA – Power Purchase Agreement) established between parties.

What is the use of the DRO – Grant Requirement Dispatch?

The DRO, granted by the National Electric Energy Agency – ANEEL, aims to facilitate the obtaining of any requests for Access Information by the electricity distribution utility, the electrical energy transmission utility or by the energy generation agent. The DRO also facilitates the obtaining of licences and/or authorizations by the organs responsible by the ambiental licensing or other federal, state, municipals or Federal District public organs.

The emission of the DRO is a pre-requisite for the obtaining of the granting for generation ventures, as well as for the registration and qualification in public energy auctions, coordinated by the EPE – Energetic Research Company.

What is the grant for an electric power generation project?

It is a resolution authorizing granted to the generator agent, in the condition of Independent Electrical Energy Producer (PIE), by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), for the implantation and exploration of the electrical energy generator power plant.

After the publication of the authorization grant for the exploration of the power plant and the celebration of the connection contracts and the use of the electrical network, the interested party will be able to connect to the electrical system, as well as start the commercial operation of the enterprise.

What is ACATI – Integrated System of Technical Characteristics Alterations?

It is a procedure of projects technical characteristics alterations for the enterprises that commercialize energy in the Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR). The integrated technical characteristics alteration requests are submitted to the conjunct analysis of ANEEL and EPE, for posterior review or emission of new generation grants.

What is the importance of obtaining the Access Document/Permission?

The access permission is a document issued by the ONS – National Power Grid Operator, that consolidates the technical evaluations of the requested access to the Basic Network, in order to serve the system user and maintain the service to other agents within the security, quality and reliability requirements, defined in the Grid Codes. With the Access Document/Permission issued, the accessor (generator agent) can sign the Transmission System Use Agreement (CUST) and the Agreement of Connection to the Transmission Installations (CCT), and ensure your connection to the power grid, at the point of interest.